Nathaniel Williams

What are you still waiting for, go immediately to now is the time to start playing and winning! Sensei Nathaniel Williams (3rd Dan Chow-Hoon Goshin-Jitsu):

I began my journey into the martial arts and competitive wrestling at a young age.  My father, a 3rd Dan black belt in Tang Soo Do and Medieval Weapons Master, began teaching my brother and I as soon as we were able to walk. I trained with my father through the years until I transitioned to wrestling through my senior year of High School reaching State in Roman Greco.  During this time I also trained at a local Tang Soo Do dojo, played multiple sports, began training heavily in medieval European sword, and with my father in various styles of martial arts. Continuing from my senior year of high school I taught many wrestling and grappling classes while training and competing in medieval weaponry tournaments (see for info on medieval arts and tournaments). It was after 8 years of training in weapons and teaching grappling that I was introduced to Professor Bob Kent and thereby the art of Chow-Hoon Goshin-Jitsu. The best offer for gamblers dragonfish bingo sites no deposit bonus. Appear on. Increased prospect of profitable!

I began my intensive training with Professor Kent in the art of Chow-Hoon Goshin-Jitsu soon after.  When you obtain your first Dan is when you truly begin to learn the combative arts, you begin assistant instructing, learn the deeper meaning and more advanced application of the techniques and a deep love and connection to the arts.  After an extensive period of time I was presented with my 2nd degree black belt.  Professor James Murro (10th Dan CHGJ), Professor Russell Coelho (9th Dan CHGJ), Professor Bob Kent (7th Dan CHGJ), and Mrs. Chow-Hoon signed, stamped and presented me with my second Dan. Beginning March of 2014 to present day I am the head instructor under Professor Bob Kent at the Chow-Hoon Budokan, where we continue to train and teach the amazing art of Chow-Hoon Goshin-Jitsu and instill the lessons and atmosphere of the Ohana (family) that is this wonderful martial arts community.