Professor Bob Kent

Professor Kent (9th Dan Chow-Hoon Goshin-Jitsu):

Although I began judo with Samuel K. Solomon within a short while with Sams advice I joined a German judo club, the Mannheim Judo and Gymnastic Academy. The best offer for gamblers bingo sites with slots bonus. Come on. Elevated probability of receiving!

What are you still waiting for, go immediately to now is the time to start playing and winning! I joined in March of 1963 and was there for little more than one year. When my father was transfered to Ft. Ord, Ca. I began practicing with Charlie Kelanis judoclub in New Monterey,Ca. During this same period I began amateur boxing, eventually boxing Golden Gloves and AAU.

The best offer for gamblers 888 casino bonus. Come on. Increased chance of winning! While I was attending Brigham Young University a group of us mostly young fellows from Hawaii got together and started a judo and kung fu, karate club on campus. We called it the Hawaii no ka oi,martial arts Club. When I returned to the Monterey area I began judo with the Buddhist Church and jujitsu and karate with prof. John Chow Hoon. During this time Prof. Chow Hoon introduced me to Prof. Wally Jay and Prof. Willy Cahill. I was about 24yrs. old. In 1975 Iwas promoted to shodan and in 1976 Prof. Chow Hoon asked me to open a martial arts club. We called the dojo the Monterey Budokan.

At age 30 I left for Japan to practice judo in Japan with the hope of preparing for the1980 Olympic trials. The United States boycotted the Olympics but I decided to stay in Japan. I continued to practice but also studied Shorinji Kempo. When I returned to the US I continued judo with Prf. Charlie Robinson and renewed my friendship with Prof. W. Jay and Prof. W. Cahill. Ihad recieved my shodan in jujitsu in 1978 so I was anxious to practice Danzan ryu again. In 1996 iwas promoted to 4th dan in judo and in No. 15,2008 Iwaspromoted to 7th dan in goshinjutsu . I still continue to practice as my schedule allows.

Sincerely, Bob Kent