About Us

The fundamental principles of Goshin-Jitsu are the preservation of the human rights vested in us by God, the insurance of peace of order, and the promotion of the happiness of mankind. The best offer for gamblers best free bingo games. Arrive on. Elevated chance of successful!

What are you still waiting for, go immediately to now is the time to start playing and winning! Among human beings there is no one who does not fear the need of self defense. The principles of Goshin-Jitsu include belief in God, regardless of what ones’ personal religion may be. Respect for virtue, obedience to the law, respect for parents and elders, submission to instruction of the teacher (for it is conceded that to study hard and to gain knowledge rebounds to ones’ ability). For to gain success and security in one’s work serves to protect ones’ future.

A violation of the law of society is a direct violation of the principles of Goshin-Jitsu. A person who violates the law of society, instead of protecting himself, is actually destroying himself both physically and mentally, and sooner or later the law will curtail his freedom.

Avoid trouble, when angry regard your conscience before taking drastic action. Impress upon yourself that the fist is a treasure in the pocket and that is should never be displayed in public. However, in unavoidablecases exert your every effort to defend and protect not only yourself but others as well.

Goshin-Jitsu is simply translated as “self defense”. That only describes a portion of the true meaning, and it is an inaccurate translation. “Goshin” means “to protect human life”, it does not limit this to oneself, but includes any human life regardless. To respect human life and to guide people to the path is the true nature of Goshin-Jitsu. The aim of the training should be pointed toward the development of these humanistic qualities.

It is easy to hurt or injure someone during a counter attack, but it is much harder to save the life of another. It takes great skill to accomplish this. Goshin-Jitsu really means “life protection arts”.