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27 Jun 2018


“Mu” means empty and “te” means hand, the compound of which means “empty hand”. “Mute”, as illustrated with both hands held together with palms forward and a small opening made by the index fingers and the thumbs, indicates that one is without ill will. The fingers represent Mount Fuji and signify lofty ideals for peace […]

25 Jun 2018


“Ogami” means to pray and “te” means hand, the compound of which means “to pray to God”. “Ogamite”, as illustrated with the palms of both hands held together, signifies a feeling of deep humility and a prayer for God’s forgiveness and aid should it become necessary to resort to the use of the Kenpo arts […]

18 Jun 2018


“Hi” means to cover and “ken” means fist, the compound of which means “to cover the fist”. “Hiken”, as illustrated with the right hand held as a fist and the left hand covering the fist, signifies that the fist is like a treasure in the pocket and should not be displayed in public. It also […]